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When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth;

for he will not speak on his own authority,

but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come.”

(John 16:13-15)




Christiann Dream Interpretations - about our interpretations
Transfiguration – Raphael

In this section we want to briefly relate how it happened that we serendipitously came to realize that dreams are essentially spiritual experiences and further that they are Christian in nature. We will also briefly describe some of the central features of our unique approach to our understanding of dreams and some key features related to our method of dream interpretation.



The experience and thinking that lies behind our approach to sleep and dreams is not new. Rather, it is based upon an ancient wisdom that was an inherent part of humanity from the beginning of time. This wisdom was contained within, as the apostle Paul describes it, “. . . a secret and hidden wisdom of God which God decreed before the ages for our glorification.” (1 Corinthians 2:7) In ancient times this wisdom was accessible to the more spiritually advanced members of the priestly classes in civilizations found in regions of the eastern Mediterranean, including the Jews, Chaldeans, and Egyptians. (cf. Acts 7:22) An important feature of this ancient wisdom was a form of clairvoyance through which certain dynamic forces on the spiritual planes were able to communicate with those few who were particularly receptive, as was the case, for example, with the prophets of the Old Testament.


The Old Testament and the scriptures of the older religions of this region clearly indicated that from mankind’s earliest time on earth, guidance from above, in the form of dreams and visions, was a central feature in human spiritual development. The essence of this clairvoyant communication is captured in the Book of Job: “In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men, in slumberings upon the bed, then he opens the ears of men and sealeth their instruction.” (Job 33:15-16) These words suggest two ideas central to our efforts at CDI. First, as a rule, it is not in daytime waking consciousness that we receive direct guidance and instruction from the Lord, but rather in the state of consciousness that humans experience when they are sleeping and dreaming. And second, this nighttime phenomena is available to anyone who believes in the Son and the Father and is receptive to their instruction.


The single most important point for the modern Christian to realize is that the clairvoyance and the spiritual experiences that in ancient times were available almost exclusively to the sages and prophets, are now available to those who believe in, and are receptive to, the word of the Lord. There is however, a major difference between the ancient clairvoyance and that which is available to mankind today. The ancients experienced their clairvoyance unconsciously, in a trance-like state, however, in the modern world we are called upon to approach the spiritual realms with full conscious awareness. This is a shift of the greatest significance. What was a trance-like experience to the ancients is now a conscious act of the will for modern man. Today, the individual who seeks the Lord must make the effort, they must follow the instruction found in the Gospel of Luke: “And I tell you, ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” (Luke 11:9) When we “ask”, “seek”, and “knock” we are reaching out from our “slumberings” and consciously engaging the Lord as a direct expression of individual will.



Within this new, and for modern man, distinctive understanding we devoted our efforts toward creating a new approach to dreams and visions designed specifically for the contemporary Christian who seeks a deeper spiritual connection with the Lord. As we studied the ancient teachings and the Holy Scriptures on these and related topics we came to realize that the gift of spiritual sight is being re-enlivened by the Christ at this time (cf. John 1:9), that a new kind of clairvoyant experience is now available for those who believe. Today, individual Christians are increasingly able to see, however haltingly, into both the subtle dimensions of their own being, and by extension, into the spiritual planes.


These revelations and realizations are fundamental in the work that we do. We believe that the mysteries, ideals, principles, teachings, and symbols of Christianity are the only meaningful basis for understanding those experiences that we all have when we are in the spirit.


With this understanding we have a unique and revolutionary approach to sleeping dreams according to the following ideas and principles:

1. Broadly speaking there are two general categories of dream: those that are of a divine origin and those that are of a demonic origin.

2. Divinely inspired dreams are an expression of the imaginative faculties of the individual soul (that which is ‘below’, i.e. on earth), combined with the inspiration of the Christ in concert with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit (that which is ‘above’, i.e. in heaven). Divine dreams arise in human consciousness when the forces below meet the forces above, as they do rhythmically throughout the period of sleep. It is this conjunction of forces (soul and spirit) that makes our sleeping dreams fundamentally spiritual. It is the presence of the Christ and Holy Spirit that makes dreams fundamentally Christian.

3. Demonic dreams are a result of the Fall of man, they unfold exclusively on the earth plane, including certain sub-terrainian forces and regions. They are populated with unclean and evil spirits, and are characterized by darkness, chaos, confusion, deceit, and manipulation. In the modern world this type of dream is quite common. While these dream originate with the forces of darkness they contain important revelations about the state of consciousness of the dreamer, and therefore have value to the astute dream interpreter. This is why we do not totally discount this type of dream; there is instruction here, although it is not as clear as that found in divine dreams.

4. Regarding our dream interpretations, we seek to establish the central point of instruction which resides within each dream. Every dream has a central purpose, and the key to the meaning of a dream is found at this central point. This instruction is often veiled or hidden within a maze of narrative, action, and symbol. Recall from the New Testament that, in a similar way, the truth was hidden within the parables of Jesus. To understand the parables one must be able to ‘see and hear’ spiritually (cf. Matthew 13:9,11; Mark 4:9,23; Luke 8:10). So it is with dreams. Dream interpretation that is not informed by spiritual seeing and spiritual hearing will more often than not miss the mark, and miss it widely. These interpretations will be of very limited use to anyone, but especially to any Christian who seeks the deeper meaning found in our nightly revelations.

5. In our dream analysis we seek to establish the connections between the internal dynamics of the dreaming individual and the instruction and guidance which flows from the spiritual realms. This series of connections are almost always moral in nature and can arise from any combination of physical, emotional, mental, and psychological forces and circumstances. For example, the forces might include strong negative emotions, and the circumstance can be any situation that keeps the dreamer from moving closer to God.

6. In addition, we look for clues that relate to various aspects of the dreamer’s state of consciousness. For example, in dreams there are clues that relate to the dreamer’s level of vitality, their degree of mental clarity, their emotional state (positive or negative), their degree of development, and the extent to which the light of the Christ has penetrated into the darkness of their sub-conscious mind.

7. In all cases our dream interpretations focus on the dynamic processes of the soul and spirit as expressed in your dream experiences. We weave our findings into an interpretative fabric that seeks to express the deeper meaning of your dream within a context of the teachings of the Lord.

8. We also articulate (where appropriate) the link between the various aspects of your dream and the significant instructional, symbolic and narrative features of the Judaeo-Christian tradition.

9. We strive to always present our interpretations in such a way that they will benefit your quest as you move closer to God, and we encourage you to use your understanding for the benefit of your family, friends, community, and ultimately, for mankind.


With our service you can expect to receive insightful dream interpretations from the very beginning. These interpretations will focus on the central purpose of your dream with some elaboration related to the major and minor themes. The degree of elaboration that you will receive will depend on the level of service which you select, ranging from a brief sketch to a detailed discussion. In all of our interpretations you will receive a spiritual understanding of your dream within the context of Christian teaching and they will be infused with the wisdom that comes, not from men, but from the Lord.




The services offered by Christian Dream Interpretation (CDI) are educational, the purpose of which is to raise your spiritual awareness as a Christian. The dream interpretations provided by CDI are not intended to be substitute for professional assistance and guidance regarding the challenges and opportunities of your earthly life. Nor are they intended to diagnose any condition, any situation, or any aspect of your life. It is important for you, as a client of CDI, to understand that you are the sole judge regarding the content of your dream interpretations. You must decide whether they have any meaning for you, or whether our interpretations fit within the overall context of your life. Please do not blindly accept any of our interpretations or anything that we write or say about your dreams, your visions, or the spiritual dynamics of your life. Dreaming is a highly individualized experience, and while there are general interpretations for many of the symbols and circumstances that might arise in a dream, there is always the possibility, indeed the likelihood, of an exception for any specific individual. If it is clear to you that our interpretations or comments do not fit your life circumstances then disregard what we have said and please contact us with your comments.


In addition to our interpretations, we occasionally add brief comments that relate to issues which are raised in dreams around which there may be a suggestion of urgency. While we do not want to read too much into a single dream, we recognize that even a single dream can reveal a wealth of information and our supplemental comments are intended to open your thinking about this content. These comments are intended to direct the attention of your thinking mind to areas of your life where there may be significant discord, disharmony or imbalance. Please understand clearly, that our supplementary comments are suggested points for your consideration only, that they are not intended as recommendations for any specific action. Whatever consideration you devote to, or action you choose to take, is your complete responsibility. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information.

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