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“. . . . and to make all men see what is the plan

of the mystery hidden for ages in God who created all things; . . . .”

(Ephesians 3:9)




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Our greatest interest is that you derive a high level of benefit from the services that we offer on this website. This page contains some suggestions that we believe will assist you. Our primary purpose here is to describe the dream submission process along with a brief description of some of our supporting services. We encourage you to review the content on this site to become familiar with our unique approach to Christianity, dreams, and visions. This approach represents a major shift in the understanding of dreams and their relation to human spirituality, and this is especially true if you are a Christian. The more you understand about our approach the more you will be able to benefit from our distinctive and unrivaled service.


Before you decide to submit a dream for interpretation we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the dream submission process outlined below and our content page entitled, “What to look for in dreams”. This content offers important background information that will alert you to those features in dreams that we believe convey the greatest significance and meaning. Knowing what to look for in dreams and understanding what features are of greatest importance will help you to improve your dream recall and simplify the task of keeping a dream journal. And most importantly, you will know that by providing accurate and relevant information you are getting the best dream interpretation available.



To begin the dream submission process, please go to the home page menu bar and click on Submit a Dream. For first time visitors it will be necessary to go to “New Member Registration” to become an authenticated member of this website. Complete the registration form and you will receive a password that will then allow you access to the dream submission form, our weblog and our forum. (This password can be changed at your convenience.) Registered members who are logged-in will be taken directly to the dream submission form.


We encourage you to devote sufficient time and attention when you complete the dream submission form. The quality and accuracy of the interpretation that you receive depends on the information that you submit. While everything that happens within a dream has a degree of importance, there are specific features, qualities and characteristics that contain information that define certain important parameters of your dream experience. We have placed these questions at the very beginning of this process; please answer these questions and then describe the details of your dream in the text entry box:

First, we are interested in knowing the time of the night in which your dream occurred. Click on the appropriate button to indicate whether it was early in the night, in the middle of the night, or just before waking in the morning.

Second, we are interested in the level of light in your dream. You will find an easy-to-use Light Scale on the left of the dream submission page; click on the chart to enlarge it. Enter the level from the chart that most nearly approximates the degree of illumination in your dream. The scale ranges from complete darkness to bright sunlight. Also, in the text box when you describe the narrative of your dream indicate any distinctive features related to the qualities of the light; this is what might be described as the atmospherics of the dream. For example, the atmosphere could be smokey or hazy. Or, there could be distinct shade of coloring, for example, a smoky blue, a foggy gray, or a hazy shade of dull green.

Third, we are interested in any color that appears in your dream; this can be related to objects, people, animals, plants, clothing, clouds, sky, or water. In short, anything that has color. We are also interested in any distinctive qualities related to a particular color; for example, the color could be bright or dull, luminous or muddy. We have included a color chart at the left side of the dream submission page so that you can easily indicate the approximate or the exact colors that you see. Click on the color chart to enlarge it for convenient viewing; using the coordinates on the chart (for example, B-6 for a deep red, H-6 for a medium blue/gray) indicate the closest color to those which you experience in your dream.

Fourth, enter the date that you had the dream.

Fifth, give your dream a title and enter it. This title should, in part, reflect the reason why your dream is important to you.

Sixth, in the text entry box enter a detailed description of your dream. Enter only as much as you clearly recall, please do not embellish or speculate.

Seventh, select the level of interpretation that you think is warranted according to the significance and power of your dream. We offer three levels of interpretation so that you can get the degree of detail that you feel is right for you.

Level 1—This level of interpretation is for those dreams for which you have a definite curiosity coupled with a specific question about a narrative feature, a symbol, or a theme. This level of interpretation is focused and fairly brief, and addresses the question, “Why am I dreaming about this?”

Level 2—This level of interpretation is for those dreams that you know are significant when you awaken. At this level we discuss the major themes of your dream, the central point of instruction, and touch upon the most significant symbols and narrative features.

Level 3—This level of interpretation is for those dreams that are of major significance. These dreams are usually rich in symbology, color, light, and are very powerful with an impact that is beyond question. At this level of interpretation you will receive a detailed discussion of the major themes and the central point of instruction, plus discussion of the minor themes, significant symbols, and important narrative features.

When you have completed the above entries then click on the submit button and your dream will be forwarded to Christian-Dream-Interpretation via email. You will then be connected with PayPal where you can make the appropriate payment. Upon receipt of your dream and your payment we will complete your interpretation and send it to you by return email.



So that we can serve you better we have a personal questionnaire which provides us with some general background information about you. This information will help CDI coorelate your dream experiences to circumstances in your day-to-day life. With this level of understanding our interpretations can be tailored more specifically for you. To receive a copy of this questionnaire please email your request to:


To further assist you we have two additional services that will allow you to explore some of the deeper levels of your dream experiences. These services are:

1. Email Consultations: should you want greater clarification related to something that we have written about one of your dreams then we recommend that you use this service. This is billed according to the time involved in correspondence. Note that there is a minimum fee of $15.00 (ten minutes). Reference the date and the title of the dream in question and address your inquiries to:

2. Telephone Consultations: this level of consultation is more appropriate for a deeper exploration of major themes and areas of instruction that arise in a series of dreams over a longer period of time. Purchase the amount of time that you think is necessary to adequately explore your questions. This can vary greatly depending on the number of dreams involved and the nature of the themes involved. For an appointment write to: Please note that there is a minimum charge of $30.00 (20 minutes).


Both the email and telephone consultations are billed at the rate of $90.00 per hour, or $1.50 per minute.

We appreciate your interest in our services and in our efforts to bring a greater degree of awareness of the mysteries of human spirituality to contemporary Christians.

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