Christian Dream

Our Mission at Christian Dream Interpretation

Our Mission at Christian Dream Interpretation

For those Christians who are interested in learning more about the important relationship between Christianity, human spirituality, and our sleeping dreams please read and carefully consider the posts that follow. This weblog will present an engaging series of articles on topics related to sleep, dreams, and the Judaeo-Christian tradition with the object of enhancing your ability to work with your dreams, understand what the Lord is saying to you, and apply the Lord’s revelations to the challenges and opportunities of your earthly life.


In the next series of entries on this weblog we will present an overview of the spiritual and practical dimensions of these intimately related topics. For most Christians at the present time, this is an area of human spirituality for which there is little in the way of direct experience. Because of this there is a significant chance that what we are proposing here will be misunderstood. Therefore, we want to be very clear about our fundamental premises and take sufficient time to make it as plain and simple as we can that this approach to human spirituality is squarely within Christian teaching. In fact, it has been part of Christianity from the beginning.


So that we are clear about what we believe and practice, and the reasons for these beliefs and practices the next several of our posts to this weblog will be devoted to elaborating on these and related points. For the moment we can summarize our beliefs thus:

As a Christian your sleeping dreams are spiritual experiences that are fundamentally Christian in nature, they are unique expressions of your individual soul and spirit, they convey the Lord’s guidance and instruction, and they reveal His will as it applies to your earthly life.


If Christians are to fulfill their true mission on earth then we must learn how to move more deeply into our inner experiences of soul and spirit, including our innate faculties of spiritual perception. Only by perfecting ourselves spiritually can we penetrate into the deeper mysteries of the Christian religion and realize the promise of eternal life.

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