Christian Dream

Sample Interpretations

“ . . . having the eyes of your hearts enlightened,

that you may know what is the hope to which he has called you,

what are the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints, . . . .”

(Ephesians 1:18)




sample interpretations
Paul’s Conversion – Speckaert

Here are some sample dreams that we have interpreted over the past couple of years. These examples are intended to give you a general idea relating to our method of dream interpretation, our understanding of the Holy Scriptures, and how we incorporate Christian principles and understanding into your dream interpretations. These interpretations are at Level 1 of the three levels of service that we offer.


In addition to our interpretations, we occasionally add brief comments, enclosed in brackets, that relate to issues which are raised in your dream around which there is a suggestion of urgency. These comments are intended to direct your attention to areas in your life where there may be discord, disharmony and imbalance. Please understand clearly, that our supplementary comments are suggested points of consideration, they are not intended to recommend any specific actions. Whatever consideration or action you choose to take is your responsibility. While we do not want to read too much into a single dream, we recognize that even a single dream can reveal a wealth of information and our supplemental comments are intended to open your thinking about this content.



DREAM #1—This is a recurring dream of a child, a girl about the age of 12, as related by her mother: On the first night in the first dream my daughter was in a garden and she said that God was walking through a garden; then she came to a lake where there was a basket which she opened. The basket was filled with lots of white doves and they flew from the basket. On another night she dreamed that both her mother and God were walking towards a basket by the same lake; this time both mother and God opened the basket, and again it was filled with white doves and the doves flew from the basket.


CDI’s INTERPRETATION—This is a dream of Grace: your daughter is blessed with a strong connection to the divine spiritual planes. In this dream she has returned to ‘paradise’ (the garden) near a lake (the ‘waters’ above). The doves that she finds in the basket represent the higher expressions of the spirit (cf. Matthew 3; Mark 1; Luke 3; John 1); they represent spiritual purity and innocence (cf. Matthew 10:16); that there are many doves suggests there are many true disciples of the Lord in your daughter’s life, either family or friends.



DREAM #2—A recurring dream from a man about the age of 25: There is a vicious wolf is following me, an aggressive wolf, trying to bite my legs and feet. In order to stay out of harms way, I am somehow able to stay just ahead of the wolf, and sometimes I would float just above the ground in my efforts to avoid him.


CDI’s INTERPRETATION—This is a dream of Warning: there is a person close to you that is very negative, aggressive, undisciplined, and perhaps revengeful; this individual is trying to influence you. As yet they have not directly infected you; although they are intent upon doing so. That you are able to float/fly away from them suggests that you have a degree of spiritual protection which is, for the time, allowing you to escape from their pernicious influence. [Do not rely on these gifts alone—it is better to get this person out of your life—they are intent on doing harm to you. This kind of situation is quite common and was mentioned specifically by the Christ, (cf. Matthew 10:16).]



DREAM #3—From a female about 28 years of age: I am in my room and am very tired, I just want to rest in my bed. After laying down for a time I get up and stand by the window. I see a very large black bear out on the roof of the house. Immediately upon seeing me, the bear burst in through the window. I am in terror, and so panicked that I don’t know how I got out of this situation! I decided that the best approach is to lay down on the bed and go back to sleep, by doing this I hoped that I could avoid the bear. However, if I moved the bear would see me and would approach me again. This happened a number of times. The bear has never hurt me, rather it is always just curious about me. Even so I am terrified! Finally after one of these encounters, I wedged myself between the wall and the edge of my bed as tightly as I could. Even though I felt the warmth, comfort and security of my bed, I was still paralyzed from fear of the bear. My intention was to stay put and not move no matter what happened. The bear entered my room again and jumped up on my bed; I couldn’t move an inch, I was holding my breath, yet I heard this breathing. I could feel the breathing on my face, and I could feel my entire body becoming hot with the intense fear. Yet I was afraid to open my eyes to see what the breathing noise was all about. I tried to understand what was going on but I couldn’t figure anything out. Finally I decided to wake myself up. I was so scared of the breathing noise and I couldn’t stop wondering what was it that was making that noise


CDI’s INTERPRETATION—This is a dream of Instruction and Personal Revelation: you have within your character a strong desire to withdraw, to hibernate, to hide. In addition, you are very fearful and, most importantly, your breathing is inadequate. Breathing and hiding are the central issues raised in this dream. Inadequate breathing gives rise to fear, which gives rise to a desire to withdraw. So rejoice! For the Lord has given you the solution to this vexing complex of issues. Simply Breathe!! [Take singing lessons, exercise vigorously every day, do yoga, study theater, learn public speaking, for example. These activities will teach you how to breathe, you will then have the energy and presence of mind to engage the world without fear; then the black bear of fear and withdrawal will go away.]



DREAM #4—I was taking a nap this afternoon and I had a dream that I was at a house (not mine) and the next door neighbors had a bunch of children outside playing when a man started to yell, “Look it’s a bird, a great big bird.” At first I thought he said bear but I could not see a bear. Then when I looked up I saw a huge eagle. He was beautiful and he was flying so gracefully. The lady gave me what I thought were binoculars but it was a movie camera. I could not see the eagle with the camera, yet when I looked with my naked eye, I could see him just as clear as can be. I couldn’t believe how big he was, and it was a bald eagle also. I could see his snow-white head and beautiful black feathers. I was so excited! He filled me with a sense awe, and peace.


CDI’s INTERPRETATION—This is a dream of Instruction: in this dream you are looking into the spiritual planes. When you saw the Eagle, you initially thought ‘bear’ not ‘bird’. This suggests that you have a propensity to withdraw, e.g. to take a nap when others are busy engaging the world. The binocular/movie camera symbol suggests that technology will be of no use to you as you seek to ‘see’ the dimensions of human spirituality. The awe and peace arise in your consciousness as a result of having had a genuine spiritual experience. The Lord has touched you with his presence (the eagle—symbolically representing the apostle John) drawing you out of your isolation (sleep) and toward beauty and awe of higher realms of consciousness.



DREAM #5—This is a recurring dream from a 44 year old female: Lately, I have been having a nightmare involving a spider; sometimes as often as twice a month. This is a large black and ugly spider and it is crawling on the ceiling above my bed, it is moving quickly and it is coming for me; as it approaches I become frozen with fear. When it gets directly over my head I find that, with great effort, I can move and I jump out of bed. In every instance this is the point where I wake up. The spider seems to get bigger with every dream.


CDI’s INTERPRETATION—This is a dream of Warning: the black spider represents dark (negative) psychic powers, most likely of a mental nature, and it is something for which you have great fear. This force has come between you and the Lord. You, however, have sufficient awareness and strength to avoid this invasion, if you apply yourself properly. [Examine your life carefully, specifically looking for strong negative influences, thought patterns, behaviors, or external circumstances, maybe even a relationship. See where you might have allowed dark forces to be near you, this could be a person, a belief system, a creed, a particular behavior, a job, an activity, or a pattern of thought of any kind. When you identify this complex of negativity, take strong action to get this influence out of your life.]



DREAM #6—A recurring dream from a male about 30 years of age: I go into this building, a large institutional building perhaps a school or hospital, sometimes it looks more like a hotel. I always get into an elevator and once in the elevator I can’t remember, nor can I find, the floor that I want. I search and become very confused because this is a familiar building but I can’t remember anything about it. When I leave the building I cannot find my way out. However, with much trouble I get out (don’t really know how) and then I can’t find my car. When I cannot find my car I want to return to the building, but I don’t know where it is so I have to ask directions. Sometimes, once I’m out of the building I fly around as I look for my car. There are other people around and I tell them how easy it is to fly. I try not to fly too high, but I do go to a level that is over the building and sometimes I fly over water as well. The flying is wonderful and leaves me refreshed and happy. After this dream I wake up feeling upset and confused.


CDI’s INTERPRETATION—This is a dream of Warning: your soul is lost and disorientated, you are having trouble in some aspects of your earthly life. This dream indicates that there is a profound disconnection between the needs of your soul and spirit and the life you have created at the level of material reality. Your ability to fly indicates that you have some spiritual potential and spiritual skills but your inability to adapt to material reality presents a very serious challenge. [Examine your life and ask if it is fulfilling; see how you can make changes that will more perfectly align your earthly life with your higher purpose. Seek out the Lord for guidance.]



DREAM #7—A recurring dream from a male about 38 years old: I am in a room with other people, then all of the sudden I start floating to the ceiling of the room. From there I am looking at everyone, a little scared and a little amazed. The ceiling stops me from rising further. When I first had these dreams I was scared but now it isn’t so bad, although it is a little confusing.


CDI’s INTERPRETATION—This is a dream of Grace: you are experiencing your spiritual bodies as they move outside of and beyond your physical body, in other words, in this dream you are having an ‘out of body’ experience. In sleeping consciousness, these experiences are perfectly normal for those individuals who are spiritually inclined.



DREAM #8—From a male about 33 years of age: I am in an elevator and it turns over completely and then it starts to fall, it keeps falling and it does not stop; I am screaming for help but no one will help me. Sometimes I am there with other people, recently we stopped on floor # 4, but no one got off and then the doors closed and I was alone (the people suddenly disappeared) and again it started to fall, but it doesn’t hit bottom, it never hits bottom—I wake up before that happens.


CDI’s INTERPRETATION—This is a dream of Warning: your soul is in distress, there is great disharmony in your life. You are doing something in your day-today life that is very destructive to your wellbeing. Your soul is upside down and descending into an abyss. [If you want to stop this kind of dream then you must undertake a serious personal assessment, and when you have identified some of the possible causes to your distress, there will be more than one, then take strong action to eliminate these from your life.]



DREAM #9—From a 24 year old female: in my dream I was on an airplane with other people, we were going to a destination to participate in some kind of sporting event; I don’t remember the particular sport, maybe something to do with running. We arrived at a very cheap hotel where I had to share a room with some friends. The bathroom was old and filthy, and the bathtub was nearly filled with dirty/muddy water, so I decided I was not going to take a shower. I realized that I had brought a lot of luggage, things I really didn’t need, heavy books, an umbrella, and even my pet cat. I was permanently worried about the cat thinking he might run away, and thinking why on earth did I bring him? But he acted calmly, slept a lot and didn’t leave my side for a moment. My teacher came to pick us up in a small car, there was another teacher sitting in the front seat. I was in the car and we where about to leave when I realized I hadn’t packed any of my things and that I had left them in the room. I went to get them but they where too heavy and there was too much stuff to take conveniently so everybody got of the car to help me. I especially remember it I had too much stuff and the umbrella I had was now broken.


CDI’s INTERPRETATION—This is a dream of Instruction: you carry a lot of heavy baggage (mental, emotional) that keeps you from participating fully in life. This dream is instructing you to clean up your thinking and your behavior (dirty bathroom) and let go of some of the stuff to which you cling (baggage). You have spiritual protection (your cat) and the potential for instruction from above (the umbrella), but all your heavy and toxic baggage interferes with this.



DREAM #10—From a 42 year old male: I often have a dream about a large house or a mansion. It is my home and it has many, many rooms and as I go through the rooms I find that it has even more rooms than I originally thought. Although I am a little afraid of what I might find in the next room I am very excited about continuing my searching. Sometimes the house has a lot of staircases and I am climbing up and down. Usually I am with other people but they don’t play a major role in the dream, mainly they just follow me around.


CDI’s INTERPRETATION—This is a dream of Grace: recall the words of the Christ: “In my fathers house there are many rooms . . . .” (John 14:2) You are in this house, you are exploring it. Now, truth to tell, this house is within you, it is in your heart. This dream, then, is all about the multitude of chambers that you have within your heart, within your soul, and within your spirit. The people who accompany you are Angels, no doubt that one of them is your guardian Angel.



DREAM #11—From a 32 year old female: I am in the streets of Jerusalem; somehow I receive an inheritance of about 20 to 30 silver coins. I immediately took them and gave two coins to my daughter and then one to everyone else in our group, and I even gave one to a person who had stolen money from me some time ago. I gave them all away and I knew that I had done the right thing. I thought of the coins as though they were prayers. I suddenly I got hundreds of thousands of gold necklaces from out of nowhere, and many people came to me to get one and I gave each person a necklace as a gift and they were all very happy and they were ready to help others.


CDI’s INTERPRETATION—This is a dream of Grace: for a Christian, Jerusalem invokes a high level of spirituality, as does receiving wealth (silver coins); what you do with the silver coins is even more powerful. By giving the silver coins away (with a pure heart) you are learning about the laws relating to generosity and multiplication, this is demonstrated by your ability to manifest gold. (cf. Mark 12 and Luke 21). You are a true disciple of the Lord.



DREAM #12—from a 55 year old male: I am in a large house that has several levels, the house is built into the side of a hillside (that is, it is wedged into the earth) so that the levels of the house ascend in a series of steps which conform to the hillside. I entered the house at the ground level, my wife is with me as are two other people; I don’t recognize them as their faces are blurry. The room that we enter is small and has a small living area with a couch and a kitchenette. I especially notice the kitchen cabinets as they are quite distinctive. The doors appeared as if they had been partially sanded, in some places down to the wood, and in other places there was a green paint that was still visible. The cabinet doors are open and there is no hardware on the doors. Next, I found myself immediately on the upper level; I was alone, I didn’t walk, I just thought ‘what is upstairs’ and immediately I was there. To my right was a small room with a washer and dryer, and underneath the washer there was a gusher of spring water that was pouring out onto the floor. I returned to the lower level and told my wife and the other people that the house was not a suitable place in which to live.


CDI’s interpretation—This is a dream of Instruction: it is about your unwillingness to engage your spiritual nature. Your life at the material level is changing especially as it relates to domestic life; in going upstairs you are entering the higher levels of your consciousness, that is, your spiritual nature; the gusher of spring water is a representation of divine spiritual energy that is pouring into your life from above (springs of ‘living water’; see Revelation 7:17). That you think of the presence of divine spiritual energy in your consciousness as something undesirable suggests that you have work to do in your relationship with the Lord.



DREAM #13—this is the dream of a 58 year old female: I am sitting on the ground outside in a park, as though at a picnic, and there is a woman sitting directly in front of me and my husband is sitting to her left. We all have square white cloths on our laps, like dinner napkins. As I look the woman across from me I see a large spider on her white cloth. The spider is about three inches in diameter, possibly a Tarantula, and the color is both black and brown. The woman picks up her cloth and flips the spider at me and it lands on my cloth and immediately disappears in the folds of the cloth. I look for the spider, trying to find it so that I can flick to away, but search as I might I do not find it, and I do not see it again.


CDI’s interpretation—This is a dream of Warning: the woman is infecting you with dark, negative energy of a magnetic and hypnotic nature; her intention toward you is very negative. That you could not find the spider suggests that she was successful and that her influence will be expressed in your thinking and behavior.



Dream #14—from a 45 year old male: dreamt that copious amounts of sickly green pus oozed out of one eye and then the other. . . . . .


CDI’s interpretation—This is a dream of Healing: you have an infection, either physical, mental, or psychic; it is associated with your eyes, your sinuses and the frontal lobes of your brain—there is some form of toxicity in this area. In its psychic aspect these infections can arise from intense negative thinking of a low order (especially if done over a long period of time).



Dream #15—from a forty year old female, a widow: In my dream I am kissing my husband. As he kisses me there is a great out-flowing of saliva from his mouth into mine. The saliva overwhelms me, it fills my mouth to overflowing, and finally I pull away from him and spit it all out; I spit a number of times to get it all out of my mouth because I do not want his saliva in my mouth any more.


CDI’s interpretation—This is a dream of Healing: you are purifying; the psychic residue from your relationship with your husband is being cleansed from your system, in fact, you are expelling it.



Dream #16—From a 56 year old male: I am in a house, alone, and I am in the living room kneeling on the floor. The room is well lit and the color of the carpet is a medium green, a color that was popular in the 1970’s but has, thankfully, gone out of style in recent years; I don’t pay much attention to the rest of the room. There is a jumbled pile of thin black wire laying on the floor in front of me; though it is very thin (like fishing line) it is easy to see. This wire is long, entwined and not moving. There appears to be at least twenty feet of it, maybe as much as forty feet of it laying there. I look at this wire and think that it would be a big mistake to touch it; I sense a danger, yet I reach out and touch it ever so slightly with the index finger of my right hand, and immediately the wire catches my clothing on my right arm, it attaches itself to me, and in an instant I become completely entwined in it, hopelessly entwined; I struggle, yet it is no use to try to untangle myself because any effort to do so only makes things worse. It doesn’t take long for me to realize that there is no possibility of escape. As I am struggling I have a brief but significant realization: if I change my approach I can somehow I find a way to get out of this trap. So I stop fighting with the wire and surrender; with that the wire no longer has such a grip on me and I am able to start breaking it into smaller pieces (three to four feet in length) and these are easier to manage; this allows me to peel more of the wire off me. I continue to break the wire into medium sized pieces, and then I break these medium sized pieces into even smaller pieces, and at this stage they are very easy to manage. When they are about a foot long I put them aside quite easily and they lay dormant—totally neutralized. After working on this for a short time, just a few minutes in dream time, the full length of this wire is laying in short pieces (about a foot long) neatly lined up on the floor next to me, and I am free of it.


CDI’s INTERPRETATION—This is a dream of Instruction: the wire represents ‘temptation’, something that entwines our consciousness if we are so foolish as to ‘touch’ it. This dream teaches four things: 1) the folly of ‘touching’ temptation, that is, the folly of thinking we can get away with just ‘a little’ temptation here and there, for when we touch temptation in any way we become entwined; 2) the extent to which temptation and its effects constrict our lives, our minds, and our consciousness; 3) how direct struggle against temptation is futile and how it actually causes us to become more entwined; 4) the wisdom of surrender; the need to relax and apply our thinking mind to the questions raised by our temptations. We can then to start to break our attachments and our dependencies into smaller and more manageable pieces.



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