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Hello and welcome to the Weblog for Christian Dream


This website is dedicated to those Christians who desire to use their spiritual experiences, specifically their dreams and visions, to more fully explore the inner presence of the Christ  and their own innate spirituality. That God speaks to us via dreams and visions is beyond question—the Holy Scriptures make this abundantly clear. As the Scriptures illustrate, dreams and visions offer the most accessible and most readily available means that human’s have of opening to the presence of God. We have but to make ourselves avail to this nightly phenomena, as did the prophets of old, and we will receive His guidance and instruction. Once received the wise Christian will want to understand what the Lord is saying, and this is where Christian Dream Interpretation can be of service. On both this website and in this weblog we will guide and instruct you as you move toward a deeper level of comprehension of the Lord’s nightly messages. His instruction coupled with our interpretations will transform your life.


This weblog will present an engaging series of articles on topics related to sleep, dreams, and the Judaeo-Christian tradition with the object of enhancing your ability to work with your dreams, understand what the Lord is saying to you, and apply the Lord’s revelations to the challenges and opportunities of your earthly life.


Should you have any questions about dreams, visions and their relation to Christianity and the Holy Scriptures, or about your humble dream interpreter, please post them here. Also, if you have any particularly topics that you believe ought to be discussed please share your comments and suggestions here. And finally, I really dislike having to write this but please, please be respectful of others when participating on the weblog. Write here as though you were writing to the Lord.


I look forward to serving you,

Paul Wheeler


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Christianity and Dreams, Soul and Spirit