Christian Dream

Understanding Sleep and Dreams

“ . . . but the anointing which you received from him abides in you,

and you have no need that any one should teach you;

as his anointing teaches you about everything . . . .”

 (1John 2:27)




Josephs Dream
Joseph’s Dream – Champaigne

Every time that you fall asleep you drift away from your daytime consciousness and at the same time you awaken to the spiritual planes. As you enter these planes you find yourself in a strange world, it is a different dimension, at once more complex and more profound than anything that you experience in your daytime reality.


While there are many differences between waking and sleeping consciousness, one of the most important is that during sleep you are no longer within the confines of human knowledge and material world experience, but rather, you are immersed within spiritual reality and the wisdom of God. When you fall asleep you leave the lower, earth bound dimensions of your consciousness and a window is opened into your higher dimensions, the dimensions of soul and spirit. It is when you enter into these realms that you experience visions of the night, it is here where you receive the Lord’s instruction.


In this elevated state of consciousness the images and narrative that you see reveal the inner dynamics of your being, your thoughts, feelings, values, intention, wishes, fantasies and desires. These forces, which, in a general sense, comprise your personality, are woven into a narrative that is a unique expression of your individual state of consciousness. This narrative is a perfect reflection of your standing before the Lord. In this way the Christ shows you an instructional image of yourself each and every night, the intention of which is to guide you toward spiritual transformation within the values of the Christian faith. It is in this sense that dreams are authentic experiences of the living spirit, and it is in this sense that dreams are inherently Christian for all who believe in His name.

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