Christian Dream

Why Interpret Dreams?

“But they understood none of these things;

this saying was hid from them,

and they did not grasp what was said.”

(Luke 18:34)




why interpret dreams?
Paul on the Road to Damascus – Artist Unknown

In the answers that we offered to two of our earlier questions (“Why should Christians pay attention to their dreams?” and, “Why does CDI characterize dreams phenomena specifically as Christian?”) we suggested that, as a Christian, the illumination that you see in your sleeping dreams is the light of the Christ. It is in these nighttime phenomena that the presence of the Lord is most immanent, that His light most readily penetrates into the darkness of our minds, and it is at this time that His word is most readily apprehended.


If the above is true, and the Holy Scriptures and thousands of years of human experience strongly suggest that it is, then it is incumbent upon us to assert ourselves, to reach out to Him, and make the effort to understand more clearly what the Lord is saying to us in the nighttime hours. This is what dream interpretation seeks to do and this is the essence of our mission at Christian Dream Interpretation.


Competent dream interpretation that is soundly grounded in Christian morality and teaching can bring the Lord’s guidance and instruction directly into your life. It can provide insight into the uniquely individual spiritual dynamics that churn within the heart and soul of each Christian. Then those things that you do not yet understand will, over time, be revealed and you will develop deep insight into the profound mysteries of the Christian religion.


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